A new tool lets students view a course’s workload and grade distribution and gives researchers a window into student decision-making.

Illustration: Michele McCammon

Identical twins discuss the bonds they share, and the similar paths they have taken.

Meet Christopher Yeh

A computer science major talks about sacrifice, purpose and what it’s like to be a twin.

Alumni Lives

Alumnae recognized for engineering, management chops.

Photo: Courtesy Girl Scouts of the United States of America

Alumni Lives

Podcast digs deep into what makes people shift political views, overcome addiction or recover from racism.

Photo: Courtesy Stephanie Lepp

Alumni Lives

Bossy Spa blog provides readers the emotional support they’ve been missing.

Photo: Mark Simmons

Alumni Lives

Former Cardinal players team up in Oakland.

Photos: Courtesy Oakland Athletics (3)

Michelle McGrew, ’86, follows her yellow Labrador behind the scenes.

Photo: Edmond Kwong/ImageWurx

After being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, the former civil rights lawyer began creating provocative works of art from the scans of her own diseased brain.

CAROUSEL: Coronal views of the artist’s brain depict the messiness and chaos of illness.

Tom Frost was an unlikely pioneer, but his exploits — and ethics — have shaped generations of high achievers.

Stanford Magazine

Highlights and extras from Stanford's alumni magazine.

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